Welcome to St Andrew's, Mickfield

As you will see, St Andrew's has had a bad time over the 27 years since it was declared redundant in 1977. However, this has changed as a repair programme by the Suffolk Architectural Heritage Trust restored the historic shell in 2004 and the subsequent refurbishment restored the building to Christian use by mid-2005.

The present church dates from 1310 and probably incorporates a few bits of the earlier Saxon church.

Mickfield Church, Suffolk

The chancel is exclusively for public worship while the nave has been converted to permit use for retreats, conferences and training.

For those who would like to support this work with prayer, time and talents or financially we have Friends of St.Andrew's.

Mickfield church - the scaffolding arrives. Spring 2004Morning and Evening Prayer are said or sung daily at 9am and 6pm; The Church is open to visitors between those times.

If you would like to help us in any of these ways please contact us.